Top Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment for New Restaurant

Top Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment for New Restaurant

Top Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment For New Restaurant

Establishing a new restaurant can be a challenging and stressful task. When it comes to catering equipment and appliances, you might get confused with a lot of variety available in the market. This article will help you in making the list of top essential commercial kitchen equipment for a new restaurant. Scroll down to read more:

1. Commercial Dishwashers

Dishwashers are essential for any commercial food establishment. Invest in a high-quality commercial grade dishwasher which is durable, easy to use, and efficient to help keep your energy, water and labour cost down.

2. Chef Knives

A commercial kitchen is simply incomplete without chef knives. You can find chef knives in many different sizes and styles in the market. The variety in design allows the chef to choose the option that best suits their task. Choose stainless steel high-quality chef knives with comfortable handles for your kitchen. These knives are efficient for large-quantity food preparation where chopping is required in large quantity.

3. Commercial Refrigeration

Another necessary addition to your commercial kitchen is commercial refrigeration equipment which prevents your food from going bad and last longer. Different types of food establishments need a different kind of refrigerators and freezers. You can choose from a variety of freezers and cold storage according to your restaurant needs.

4. Commercial Grills

Whether it’s about serving your guests with a delicious Cuban sandwich made in a panini press, lip-smacking pancakes made on a griddle, or juicy steaks made on a steak griller, it’s better to add a commercial grill in your commercial kitchen. Commercial char grills are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and types, making it easy to find an option that will perfectly meet the needs of your food establishment.

5. Griddles

Cook burgers, grill sandwiches or cook some crispy bacon on top-class commercial griddles. Due to their versatility, commercial griddles are an important appliance for any food establishment. Choose from a wide variety of countertop griddles at Cater Warehouse and grow your restaurant business by serving your guests with delicious delights cooked on a high-quality commercial griddle.

6. Salamander Broilers

Salamander broilers are important commercial equipment for any food establishment including, pizzerias, sandwich shops, and bakeries. Salamanders are required to brown the top of your dishes and melt cheese on top of your sandwiches to entice your guests. The best thing about salamander boiler is that it doesn’t take too much space on the countertop because you can attach them to your range or wall.

7. Blenders

Blenders are essential for your commercial kitchens, and you simply can’t afford to miss adding them in your kitchen equipment list. Invest in high-quality blenders sourced from top brands which are durable, efficient and less time-consuming.

8. Ice Machines

Are you planning to buy soda fountains? What about Ice Machine? Ice machines are equally essential for serving beverages. It works by creating ice and then dispensing it into an ice bin or soda fountain. While ice is necessary for serving beverages, you can also use it to create blended drinks like smoothies, margaritas, and slushies.

9. Summing Up

Commercial kitchen equipment is best to be bought online where you can ensure quality and get a good deal. Checkout Cater Warehouse kitchen equipment which ensures the best-quality kitchen equipment for your restaurant and cafes in Zambia.

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